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Testing Out Free Stuff

About The Testing Articles

The web design world is awash daily with news of the latest trends, scripts, code, ideas and resources. There are many blogs dedicated to curating this never ending flow of material, such that its hard to keep up.

Inspite of many resources coming with extensive documentation, there is a gap when it comes to implementing the use of this torrent of ideas. How to install or use the best bits such they actually work on a basic website and find out if they really are any good.

With this in mind, we thought we would give it a go.

Selecting Resources

Given the never-ending flow, we will try to compile examples of what we think will be the best to have a try at imlementation. This is going to need a resource list of both code and ideas, plus worked examples of seeing them in action.

We will also need an index page of Testing Articles as we will call this series.

Basic Framework

In order to show the examples, we are going to need a basic website using a CSS framework. The intention is to have our own simple css framework which doesn't include the "kitchen sink" CSS that is found in some of the larger popular frameworks such as Bootstrap. Part of trying out the examples will be to do a comparison of some of these ideas when they are implemented in the larger frameworks.

Starting Off

Before we can start, we need to start compiling a number of lists to include the trends, scripts, code, ideas, frameworks and resources

We will be excluding examples of implementing resources for massively popular frameworks such as Wordpress, as there is already a glut of articles on this very subject and will in fact confine ourselves to fundamental implementations using html, css and javascript, with excursions into php.

Testing Out Free Stuff

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  • Introduction to a series of articles on implementing ideas from the internet in a basic website framework