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My CV Story

About the My CV Story project

A prototype project to explore ideas on improving the opportunities for employment and recruitment, learning, personal development and mentor support.

My CV Story

The idea for improving the opportunities of promoting yourself in the process of looking for employment arose from the needs of a young person moving with their family from South Africa to UK and needing to look for a job.

With no obvious qualifications but a huge wealth of experience in managing and guiding wildlife safaris, the question arose of how to communicate the depth of skills and experience aquired in a meaningful way.

Discussions with different people over a period of time brought many other examples to light, of people needing an opportunty to tell their story that conveyed more than could be crammed onto a dry CV submitted to employers.

The idea for providing a space online to support the story-telling role of a CV was born.

The CV is Broken - Lets Change Things

  • they are no fun to do
  • we exaggerate in order to get the chance of the job
  • they exaggerate the job making it better than it is
Interesting CV

Wouldn’t it be better if the process of creating a CV was fun, was honest, made you feel better about yourself and showed evidence of your abilities in a beautiful and interesting way?

How would it be if the relationship between the employer and the employed was a good match right from the start?

How would it be if the relationship was one of qualities based on mutual respect and appreciation?

Here is a place where your story comes alive

Here is a place of qualities

A Story Platform

interesting cv

The site began with the name Interesting CV and contained outline content for 4 main sections: people, stories, learning & media.

It also had a linked Hub network: a Facebook-like platform which enabled members to set up their own spaces and some ideal facilities that made it perfect for mentoring activities, either for individual work or small groups.

The first working prototype was set up and each person was provided with a login to our Content Editor that enabled them to produce a profile page, create and add stories.

A working version is available here online.


Further work saw the platform mature in design and approach to content. More story examples were developed and problems of site structure were worked through, primarily devoted to how to store details and content for the planned 50+ people who might try out the system.

The complete platform prototype was written without use of a database with the aim of future work being handed on to a major commercial developer.

A finished working demo, including script coding bug! is available to view and links to the Hub are still active. Do get in touch if you would like to try out any of the features.


  • Developing My CV Story - a working prototype