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Gone in Less Than 60 Seconds

There are millions of websites out there. Hooray! You get a visitor... You have less than 60 seconds to get their attention before they leave.

Its been established that users often leave a page on a website in 10-20 seconds. Grab their attention just a little bit and they might stay for nearly a minute. If you’re lucky.

Make Your Own Luck

It might help if we take a look at why people leave so quickly and also how to tempt them to stay a little longer.

People spend lots of time on the internet looking for information or carrying out an activity with a specific purpose in mind. So, one reason for leaving is that the visitor has accomplished their task and found what they came for. Conversely, they couldn’t see any quick way of achieving their task and went straight back from whence they came.

Its always a good idea to have a clear and simple website that is obvious about its contents and what the visitor can do when they arrive.

That means good, simple, straightforward design. Users stick around when they can easily use the site, know what to do, to find what they want.

Being very clear about knowing the goals for the site and what you are aiming for - what you would like visitors to do when they arrive - is the starting point for running a successful website.

Gone In Less Than 60 Seconds

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  • Keep your site simple and uncluttered
  • Know the aims for your website