Bryn Harries
27th May 2016

I worked for 3 years as an Advisory Teacher, back when the BBC computer first appeared, going into schools helping teachers use them in the classroom.

Attending a primary school headteacher training session on the new BBC computer, the IT Education Advisor (my boss) was introducing software and discussing the use of "problem solving" as a teaching strategy in the classroom. He had them playing a version of Hexplode without telling them how it worked...

Watching the headteachers puzzle out the rules of the game and then start to compete to "win" was fascinating.


At the break there was the usual chance for the Advisor to chat to the headteachers about new developments and what help there was for the schools. To my surprise I found myself surrounded by a larger group than the Advisor, all of them wanting to know when I could visit them and go and work in their schools.

It turns out that being the person who actually does the work, help things progress and puts the ideas into practice is quite an important role.

Advising & suggesting ideas is an important job. Making it all happen is equally important & being valued is very satisfying...

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