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Delyth Phillipps
20th May 2016

According to my relatives, I’ve always been a bit of a show off. I loved performing as a little child and I guess that need to entertain has never gone away. Singing and dancing was my thing when I was young, and I also used to persuade other children to take part in my plays. Now my main outlet is presenting (although I still like singing and dancing!).


I have always had a knack for telling a story and also enjoy listening to other people’s stories – this is where I pick up a lot of the material I use when I’m presenting. I like to gather and share real-life stories to get a point across rather than using generic or theoretical examples. I find people fascinating and am intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. I am also inquisitive and enjoy acquiring new knowledge. I’m no shrinking violet!

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Delyth Phillipps

Singer with Coastal Voices, IT trainer for a National Bank.

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