Game park nature guide and photographer

Has once stepped on the head of a black mamba and got away with it. Experiences from South African Big Game Parks to North Wales RSPB sanctuary.


Matthew Hamer

My family moved to Durban when I was five years old and South Africa became my home for the next seventeen years.

Game Park Nature Guide
Matthew Hamer

It’s five o’clock in the morning and there’s a knock on my door. The sun is just starting to warm the Acacia tree tops in Zululand.

Matthew Hamer

I first got into photography because of a girl I knew in Africa.

Matthew Hamer

I accidentally trod on the head of a black mamba which started to wrap its body around my lower leg. I reacted instinctively and kicked it off and ran.

The Big 5
Matthew Hamer

Rhino’s and elephants are powerful creatures... Good judgement and decision making become part of every moment out on the drive with clients.

Working With Clients
Matthew Hamer

When we saw something special the barriers come down, barriers of age and status, colour and language and we were together in the moment with the lion out hunting.

Matthew Hamer

We had moved back to Deganwy, at the mouth of the Conwy Estuary and where the sea meets the mountains of Snowdonia.

RSPB Conwy
Matthew Hamer

Working with groups gave me back some of what I felt I’d lost leaving Africa and I liked sharing the pleasure of spotting things and seeing the groups interest and enthusiasm grow.


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