A Wonderful Storyteller

Robin Hamer
17th May 2016

Our daughter Ishbel was asked at school to write about a person who inspired her. She chose Gombu, our great Sherpa friend from Nepal, who died recently from cancer.

Gombu Sherpa

He was a world famous mountaineer who climbed many of the highest mountains in the world including Everest.

I asked her why she thought he was a good leader and she said because he helped others to become great climbers. She remembers his kindness and his laughter and she thought that he was brave and he made her feel brave.

Of course what happened was that people copied his behaviour. When he smiled we all smiled.

Gombu Sherpa

"Uncle Gombu was just like you and me” Ishbel said, “He was easy to talk to and he played with me."

"I liked to listen to his stories” she continued “and I always learnt something from them."

Gombu was a brilliant storyteller. He used storytelling to develop the potential of others and of course his stories live on.

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