Work in Progress

This is an initial start for developing ideas for a learning community focussed on improving the CV.

The site is in two parts:

  1. where you are now, which is the "display" section, where we are still exploring means of presenting the materials

  2. a prototype social network, called the Hub, where members can create their own working spaces and hold discussions.

Currently, we are looking at content:

  • Featured people profiles
  • Stories
  • Learning ideas
  • Media-sourced news stories
  • Learning mentors
  • Roles for mentors, members, employers.

There will be more about the aims and objectives for the project in our About iCV

Starting off

On the Hub

  •   Explore the Hub facilities  - it comes with a brief guide built in.

  •   Come and say hello in the Welcome Space

  •   Upload your profile avatar and cover picture.

  •   Add in extra information into your profile that will say a little about you.

  •   Post in your own Profile Stream.

  •   Make another post and upload a picture

  •   Find and follow someone in the Directory

Coming Soon

  • Setting up a Private Space
  • Creating your first Story / Card