Game Park Nature Guide

Matthew Hamer
6th May 2016

It’s five o’clock in the morning and there’s a knock on my door. The sun is just starting to warm the Acacia tree tops in Zululand.


I was at Bhejane, training to become a qualified nature guide working in game parks handling encounters with wild and potentially dangerous animals. Bhejane is the Zulu name for the African black rhino. It was there that I began to understand myself a bit more, to certainly understand the natural world and see this world through the eyes of the my clients.


I left Bhejane with an FGASA Level One which meant I was legally qualified to work as a field guide registered under the South African tourism rules. Now I could gain more field experience guiding groups in the bush and working and managing the risk that goes with dangerous animals.


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Matthew Hamer

Game park nature guide and photographer

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