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Whether you want to learn about starting your own website, upkeeping a website or specific details to do with website and content management, such as SEO and branding, style:Cymru can deliver. We run workshops which deliver solid, easy-to-understand information combined with interesting and supported activities. We don't push our own products, but we do provide information to help you pick the best product for you, from any supplier.

We deliver workshops to groups of interested individuals, whether you're thinking of starting your own business, you're already well established or you want to have your own personal website. By the end of the workshop you should go away with a much better knowledge of the industry and (hopefully) an action plan as to what you want to do next. Individual support is offered during the activity time within the workshop, so you can be guaranteed of having time for your specific questions to be answered.


Sue Stacey

"Style-Cymru has delivered a "Exploring Websites" workshop to clients who are setting up in business. The workshop was inspiring, full of information and very well received."

Sue Stacey, Enterprise Coach at Stanlaw Abbey Development Trust

If you want to hire style:Cymru to give a workshop for your organisation please get in touch with us with information on what you would like to cover. Our workshops normally last one business day.