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Walk And Climb

This life-changing experience is exhilarating and relaxing, inspirational and challenging, creating an awareness of the possibilities of life.

Exploration Holidays

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Walk and Climb provides holidays that have the potential to change the way you think and feel, focusing on sensitivity to environment and culture and patient teaching that allows each person to progress at their own pace.

What we did

style:Cymru created a design which complimented the amazing and breath-taking photographs of the various trips Walk and Climb have undertaken. By focusing on these pictures the site has gained a unique character and feel to it, really showcasing the ideals of the company.

Through careful planning and organisation we have created a site which is easy to explore, with a deceptive amount of information contained within it.

style:Cymru would particularly like to point out the unusual footer to the website which compliments the site and helps to create a feeling of adventure.

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