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news and updates

Sept 2012

  • Our newsletter went out this month - see it online here
  • Upgrade of code and design finished for Rent London Homes
  • New site launched, having been taken over from a previous provider and cleaned up of spam posts. See the all-new A40 Farina Club.

Aug 2012

  • 4 new projects started this month - a personal site, an online marketplace, a blog and a small shop. Busy days!
  • 2 new kittens have been welcomed to our family - fluffy and long haired, they're called Sage (black) and Thyme (grey tabby)

July 2012

  • Our second newsletter has gone out this month - see it here.
  • All our content editor customers have been upgraded (free, of course) to our new system. The new system is easy to use and has a nice, simple layout.
  • Started work on moving over some of our biggest sites onto our new php-based website style. It's a lot of work now, but it will make future work quicker.

June 2012

leon charles
  • New website: Léon Charles was lauched this month. Check out his music samples and videos!

May 2012

  • Our standard website platform has moved from html to php, making upgrading and adjusting the websites much easier.
  • Work on our on-going long distance leadership and management training solution is on-going. We're adding in a more interactive element to everything, including lessons and profiles.

April 2012

  • Our content editor is being upgraded - Pippa Hattan Equestrian is the first client to get the new content editor update.
  • Michelle has finally gotten around to making her own personal website. It's styled off our network page idea.
  • Our first company newsletter went out this month. Very excited! See a copy here.

March 2012

  • New style:Cymru website designed, upgraded and containing more information.

February 2012

January 2012

  • Completed a design upgrade for Fol De Rols - now much better organised, and looks more polished.
  • Also finished a design upgrade on Abergele Camera Club. Very pleased with the result.

December 2011

  • Updated the content editor on the Hormead Parish Council website. Client advises us that the new content editor is much easier to use.

November 2011

  • Our long distance leadership and management training solution gets an update to design. The project is doing very well, everyone being happy with where we are going.

October 2011

village hall

September 2011

August 2011

  • AEC 2012 centenary celebration website launched this month.

July 2011

  • Partner Michelle Palmer comes back to work from maternity leave. We are proud to announce a beautiful baby boy as an addition to the family.
  • Hormead Village Hall website updated and launched.
  • style:Cymru is looking into a new content editor which will provide better service for all customers. Once the research is complete clients will be contacted so they can choose to upgrade if desired.

June 2011

  • The long distance leadership and management training course solution we are providing to our clients in Russia has gotten underway. Regular video comferences and training sessions are taking place, while experienecs and ideas are being shared among the trainees.

May 2011

  • Launched a brand new website for the international equestrian Pippa Hatton.

April 2011

February 2011


January 2011

  • Launched superior business card site for style:Cymru partner Brynmor Harries.

December 2010

November 2010

  • Upgrade to Healthy Balance completed and launched.
  • Partner Michelle Palmer goes on maternity leave.