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You know what you're doing, you just need a place to put it. We offer a variety of options for the experienced website owner. Choose from our standard hosting options, decide if you want any additional facilities and go! It couldn't be simpler if we tried.

Have a look through what we offer, then please get in touch with us for a personalised quote.

optional facilities

hosting options

Dependant upon what you want, we can either give you an easy, one-click install of the following facilities or (for an additional cost) install them for you and leave you to it. You can have as many of these facilities as you want.

  • Blogs
    • WordPress
    • Wordpress 3 with BuddyPress
    • Geeklog
    • Nucleus
    • Pixelpost (photo blog)
  • Forums
    • phpBB3 or phpBB2
    • Vanilla Forum
    • E-Blah
    • Simple Machines Forum
    • bbpress
  • Photo Galleries
    • Coppermine
    • Photo Gallery
    • ZenPhoto
  • Survey Facilities
    • Web Survey
    • LimeSurvey
  • Social Network
    • elgg
  • Content Management Services
    • Joomla 1.5, 1.7 & 2.5
    • Mambo
    • CMS Made Simple
    • Concrete5
    • Drupal7 & Drupal
    • TYPO3
    • Pligg
    • Textpattern
    • MODX
  • Webmail
    • RoundCube
    • Squirrel Mail
  • Project Management
    • dotProject
    • PHProjekt
  • Wiki
    from MediaWiki
  • eCommerce facility
    from PrestaShop
  • Customer Relationship Management
    from SugarCRM
  • Virtual Learning System
    from Moodle
  • Auction sites
    from Web Auction
  • Membership area
    from Locked Area Lite

We have a structured hosting plan, which should allow anyone to find the size they are looking for. All hosting packages come with a free 2 year lease of a domain name - if you want a different name it will cost extra. We also support transferring domains. If you want more information please get in touch with us.

tiny hosting

Designed for a site with only one web page and priced from only £20 a year. It has 100MB of web space, 1GB of bandwidth and 5 customisable email addresses.

small hosting

For those sites with up to 5 different pages, our small hosting package is priced at £39 a year. It has 500MB of web space and 5GB of bandwidth, as well as 10 customisable email addresses.

standard hosting

Perfect for the average site, our standard hosting package is only £59 a year. It has 2GB of web space and 10GB of bandwidth, as well as 50 customisable email addresses.

large hosting

If you have a larger site, or you are using a facility such as a forum or blog where the size of your site is liable to increase, this is the hosting package for you. Starting from £79 a year (this may increase if your site becomes truly massive) this package comes with unlimited web space and bandwidth, as well as unlimited customisable email addresses.

more information

All our hosting packages have a linux based server by default, although we can change this to windows if you would prefer (this just affects the computer it is hosted on - not what your own personal operating system is). We can allow sub domains and additional MySQL databases upon request. If required we can offer a dedicated server for your website as opposed to a shared server, but this is more expensive.



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