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what we need to know

Enquiring about a website? Knowing the answers to these brief questions will save you time before getting in touch.

what is the website for?

What do you want the website to do?

It could be to promote your company, share information, provide a point of sale/contact or detail your service. The site could be a diary/blog or personal enthusiasm, a picture gallery or recording an event or celebration... anything.

who is your target audience?

Who are your visitors?

Knowing who your prospective website visitors are may affect the way your site works, how it looks and the services it offers. Which leads us on to:

what is the proposed content?

What is going on the site?

Are there any materials ready to go on the site? Do you have a logo or banner or set of images you want to include?

what style do you want?

What will it look like?

Do you have an idea of what you want it to look like? What other sites do you like the look of (and which ones do you hate)?

who will maintain the site?

What happens when there is more to add to the site?

After a while you will want to add more material. Do you want to do this yourself using a content management system or will you want us to do it?

work with us

Interested in talking with us about starting a project? Just want some advice on websites and what might suit you? We would love to hear from you.

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