style:Cymru - how we make a website

the process of creating a website

We recognise that it can be hard to understand what it is that a website developer is doing and why a project can take so long. In the interests of helping our clients understand what we're doing, we have created the following overview of the different stages we go through to create a website.

an overview

  1. Recieve initial enquiry
  2. Talk to client to find out what they want
  3. Send quote to client
  4. Client advises us of what parts of the quote they want
  5. Write up and agree to a contract with the client
    • This is the official start of the project
  6. Send invoice for the deposit
  7. Carry out research for the project, such as:
    • what the client's competitors are doing
    • what the client's potential customers and visitors will be looking for
  8. Create initial designs
  9. Agree with client on the design, make any ammendments so the client is happy
    • Recieve deposit before continuing
  10. Code up the intial page and show to client so they can check the design matches the web reality
  11. Make any changes required now
    • Once we move on from this stage making design changes becomes very difficult
  12. Recieve content from the client:
    • Pictures
    • Any and all writing
    • Details which need to be included (prices etc)
  13. Populate the whole website
    • There may be back and forth with the client at this point to make sure the content is correct
  14. Website uploaded to style:Cymru domain
  15. Add scripts and facilities such as shops, contact forms etc
  16. Test
    • in different browsers
    • with functions such as javascript turned off
  17. Send final invoice to the client
  18. Await final approval of website from the client
    • A limited number of ammendments may be made now, before the website goes live
  19. Recieve final payment before proceeding
  20. Upload the website to the final domain name
  21. Demonstrate anything the client has to use
    • CMS
    • admin and management pages
  22. Email after a month (or thereabouts) to check everything is OK, and to see if the client needs any help with anything.

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