style:Cymru - about us

who is style:Cymru?

style:Cymru is a family business run by a father and daughter team. We excel in creating simple and straightforward websites which look how you want them to and do what you need them to. No mess, no fuss. Just websites, pure and simple.

style:Cymru has been in business since April 2010, and we work from our homes at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire and Old Colwyn on the North Wales coast. We keep our designs clean and clear, focusing on delivering what you want (and need) without cluttering things up with extra gimmicks.

We believe in helping people, and offer free advice about setting up your own website. Please get in touch with us for any more information you might need.

the team

Brynmor Harries

Brynmor Harries

A retired teacher, Bryn has always been very interested in computers and the technology field. Once he retired he made a few websites for friends and family, who then referred him onto their friends. style:Cymru came about due to the number of requests for websites Bryn was receiving.

Bryn is the design aficionado of style:Cymru. Without him the websites we produce wouldn't be as beautiful as they are. Of course, Bryn does code and keep on top of the developing world as well. Knowing how websites work and are put together makes his designs that much more usable and friendly.

Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer

Having grown up around computers, Michelle has always been very much at home when "plugged in". Originally going into work in accounts, Michelle came to join Bryn in setting up style:Cymru in search of a better work-life balance. Now that Finn has been born the flexibility offered by being self-employed and working from home has made a big difference.

Michelle is "in charge" of all the admin and finances involved in being self-employed, making sure tasks are completed on time and projects get finished (not forgetting sending invoices out!) Coding is a big part of Michelle's work, translating the designs made by Bryn into working websites.

elsewhere online

want to be kept up to date on what's going on in the style:Cymru world? Check out our twitter or facebook pages. style:Cymru also runs it's own blog, written by Michelle and Bryn. The Treestump has articles on website design and upkeep. Aimed at people who have got a website and need ideas on how they can upkeep it and improve it, as well as at people who are interested in the developing world of website design, it should have something for everyone. Orange Animation is a sister site to The Treestump where we showcase new ideas and play around with designs and code.

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If there is anything else, anything at all, that you would like to know please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.